The 6th annual PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out: Summer, 2017


The 5th Annual PhotoModex event was a huge success! Nearly forty models & photographers shooting and posing all day; thousands of images created!

I am already working on NEXT Years event: searching diligently for a new venue to hold the 6th Annual PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out!

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Photo-Shoot-Out on July 9th, 2016!

WOW! What can I say?! An amazing venue, filled with beautiful women and accomplished photographers is just almost beyond comprehension!

I’m afraid ‪#‎PhotoModex‬ has really raised the bar this time! I don’t know how I will be able to top THIS!

Literally THOUSANDS of images were created yesterday (I’m glad I’m not the one that has to edit them all)! I’m sure there are 4 or 5 good ones in the mix somewhere! 😉

The venue lent itself to dozens of photo-ops and the photographers took advantage of them all, I’m sure.

A very special THANKS, to my lovely and able assistant, Tiffany Williamson. I entrusted her with the internal organization of the Photo-Shoot-Out and she exceeded my expectations! The accolades for her are pouring in even now. Thanks SO much, Tiffany!

Another special thanks to the moms and grandmoms of some of our younger models too. They pitched in to help, serve, provide food, and clean up. You ladies know who you are and you know I SO appreciate you!

And a big THANK YOU to Mr. Bradly Miller for being the Official #PhotoModex Documentary photographer for this event! (

I just know we have launched new careers for some hard-working young ladies yesterday. Where in East Tennessee can an aspiring model be photographed by a dozen or more accomplished photographers in a million dollar home and gather 40-50 portfolio grade images in JUST ONE DAY? And, imagine what it would cost if she could? Several models and mothers made a point to tell me that they learned MORE at my #PhotoModex event in one day than they have after months with some local “talent” agencies.

THIS is what #PhotoModex is all about and I’m so proud to provide such a safe, model-friendly event to give you young ladies a real-time taste of what modeling is all about.

THANKS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU for your participation and making The 5th Annual #PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out THE PREMIER photo event in East Tennessee!


This is the most luxurious and elegant venue we have secured since we started out Shoot-Outs over 5 years ago.


Venue for the 5th Annual PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out


Venue for the 5th Annual PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out


Venue for the 5th Annual PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out

The property sits on Ft. Loudon Lake in the Tanasi Village area in Loudon County. It is 35 miles and 55 minutes from downtown Knoxville; it is near the Tanasi Golf Course.

This estate has nearly 7000 sq. ft. on three levels, two decks overlooking the lake, and all the windows you could want for photography! It is a fabulous find!

This is an all-day, 9AM to 9PM, photo-event.

FEES: Photographers: $120; Models: $20 for all day. Participation will be limited, so do not delay to register and make payment.


Promoter reserves the right to refuse participation of any registrant.

There will be two workshops held during this event, both on lighting techniques: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These workshops are included in the fee and are optional of course. Instructors to be announced.

Once your registration has been accepted, models and photogs will email a photo of themselves, a one-paragraph bio statement (including years of experience), and full contact information. Photos and bios will be posted on the PhotoModex FB page and on the PhotoModex website

IMPORTANT: Start here FAQs


Interior photo of 5th Annual PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out venue


Venue for the 5th Annual PhotoModex Photo-Shoot-Out




We are going to have a BLAST!